Can I translate your posts to another language and publish them on my blog?

Yes, you can. All the blog posts in this blog are licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0. That means you can share and adapt the posts given that you follow the license terms (give attribution, no commercial use and share the post under the same license).

Please include a URL to the original post, and send me the URL of your post so I can make a link to it.

Is this blog written with Django?

Currently, the blog uses Jekyll and Django. It's a weird combination because in the beginning when I first started the blog, I created it with Jekyll so I could easily host it on GitHub.

After a while, the blog started to grow, and I had to move it from GitHub (there was no support to HTTPS for custom domains back then). Also, wanted to provide some other features on the blog.

Nowadays I have a Django API to provide some other features like sending emails, listing the latest comments, displaying page view count from Google Analytics on the blog posts, etc.

You can read more about the tech stack on this blog post: Ask Vitor #4: WordPress or Self-Made Blog?