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How to Configure Mailgun To Send Emails in a Django Project

In this tutorial you will learn how to setup a Django project to send emails using the Mailgun service.

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How to Deploy a Django Application on RHEL 7

In this tutorial, you will learn how to deploy a Django application with PostgreSQL, Nginx, Gunicorn on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 7.3. For testing purpose I’m using an Amazon EC2 instance running RHEL 7.3.

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Ask Vitor #2: How to dynamically filter ModelChoice's queryset in a ModelForm?

Michał Strumecki asks:

I just want to filter select field in a form, regarding a currently logged user. Every user has own categories and budgets. I want to display only a models related with a currently logged user. I’ve tried stuff with filtering before is_valid field, but with no result.

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Class-Based Views vs. Function-Based Views

If you follow my content here in the blog, you probably have already noticed that I’m a big fan of function-based views. Quite often I use them in my examples. I get asked a lot why I don’t use class-based views more frequently. So I thought about sharing my thoughts about that subject matter.

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Ask Vitor #1: Getting form data to appear in URL and for use in the next view

Devon Moore asks:

I want to have the user specify a date in a custom form. This date will append the current URL with the date value path/YYYY-MM-DD/ I then need to capture the date and use it to filter data from the database to display that date’s data.
I’m using class based views and for the report I’m using generic view since this view is a custom report I’m building using multiple db models.

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